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9.58mm 3-core Special Perforation Cable Successfully Used in Shenli Oil Fields

Time:2016-10-18 18:12:33 Source:

9.58mm 3-core special perforation cable successfully used in Shenli Oil Fields

2016/10/18 18:16

Jiangsu Huaneng Cable Co., Ltd. independent research and development, and with independent intellectual property rights 9.58mm three-core large displacement pumping charge perforation detection cable, the company's wells in the Sinopec Shengjing multi-level perforation pumping wells in the use of success! The successful development of the product, embodies the wisdom of many Chinese and foreign experts; and the successful use of products, it marks the Huaneng company's research and development capabilities and on a new level.  9.58mm three-core large displacement pump perforation load bearing detection cable is mainly applied to oil and gas fields in the process of large displacement horizontal wells of the multi-stage pumping bridge piercing perforation construction operations. The cable can withstand the maximum ambient temperature of 260 ℃, resistance to downhole pressure of 120MPa; cable breaking the overall tension is greater than 74kN, the horizontal displacement of more than 4,000 meters.      

The successful application of the project products, in line with "along the way" national strategy and "China-made 2025 Development Plan" on the strengthening of marine engineering and oil exploration of high-end equipment industry, the guiding ideology. The project products are of great significance to promote localization of oil and gas exploration and core equipment of ocean engineering, promote cable technology progress and industrial structure upgrade, reduce construction cost and improve market competitiveness.



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