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Huaneng and Wuhan University of S&T Build postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base

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Huaneng and Wuhan University of S&T Build postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base


2016/7/15 11:35

July 12, Jiangsu Huaneng Cable Co., Ltd., Wuhan University of Science and Technology Innovation Base to build a postdoctoral signing and unveiling ceremony was held at the Huaneng company. Wuhan University of Science and Technology Party Committee, Vice-Chancellor Professor Liu Jing, Deputy Director of Personnel Zou Qinghua, Materials and Metallurgy, Jiang Jing, vice president, Gaoyou Municipal Committee, Organization Department, Wang Xuefeng, vice minister of the Organization Department / Bureau of Science and Technology Xu Tan, Gaoyou City human resources and Social security Bureau Gao Jian, chairman of Huaneng company Tao-ming attended the ceremony. Director Gao Jian presided over the signing and unveiling ceremony.

Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province, wire and cable industry gathering area, identified by the National Science and Technology National Torch Plan special cable industrial base, the Department of Jiangsu Province, special cable collaborative research and innovation base, built a special cable, Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Industrial Park. In recent years, Gaoyou municipal government attaches great importance to science and technology talent, and vigorously implement through human resource and innovation-driven development strategy, has introduced a series of incentive policies to encourage and support local enterprise and university institutes to establish governance research partnership.

Huaneng is one of Gaoyou special cable manufacturing enterprises, specializing in cable manufacturing has been 40 years, the company's load bearing detecting cable product performance indicators have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products in the domestic leader. The company always pay attention to adhere to a combination of research, and take the road of development of new special expertise, we have been dedicated to cultivating enterprise into a strong scientific and technological innovation, market share, excellent quality and efficiency of the "Little Giant" enterprises.

Wang Xuefeng Minister to attend the signing ceremony of the opening of Wuhan University of Technology Liu Jing, Vice President and his party welcomed the seven professors. He hoped that the Huaneng company with Wuhan University of Science academic advantages in the fields of iron and steel metallurgy, materials and strong technological strength, to build a post-doctoral innovative practice base as an opportunity to play an active role in good practice base to strengthen academic exchanges, achievements and other aspects of , efforts to promote technological progress and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and strive to create new competitive advantages of products, technological advances and industry guidelines to play an exemplary role. At the same time, he hoped Wuhan University of Science and Technology in the principle of mutual benefit, to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the city in terms of human resources, science and technology, to boost Gaoyou industry to upgrade and enterprise innovation and development.

Liu Jing, Vice President thanks Gaoyou municipal government to build a strong support for the work of postdoctoral innovative practice base, she said: Through this research docking activities, will be able to achieve the government, schools, businesses join forces: accelerating the transformation, coordination development, the three objectives of mutual benefit. Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Jiangsu Huaneng Cable Co., Ltd. is willing to provide the service of scientific research strength, the use of post-doctoral innovative practice base for this platform, can gradually achieve full cooperation with enterprises, both sides regularly organize scientific and technological personnel exchanges, academic and technological exchanges, discuss their actual work appears related technical problems.

The ceremony, Wuhan University of Science and Technology and the Huaneng company representatives signed a cooperation agreement; Wang Xuefeng Liu Jing, Vice President and Minister of Science and Technology, Wuhan University together for the "post-doctoral innovative practice base," unveiling.


Editor: Aihong Shen, Wenwei Qiao



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