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Huaneng Company named "little giant of science and technology"

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Jiangsu huaneng company named "little giant of science and technology"


2016/7/15 11:41

In order to guide the majority of SMEs to take the new special expertise development, accelerate the development of a number of scientific and technological innovation ability, market share, excellent quality and efficiency of the "hidden champions" Enterprise Commission by letter of

Jiangsu Province in early 2016 organized a year provincial Science and Technology little giant enterprises that work. Recommended by the city audit, expert review, site visits and online publicity and other procedures, identified Jiangsu Huaneng Cable Co., Ltd. 2016 Annual Province 'Little Giant Enterprise. "

 Jiangsu Huaneng Cable Co., Ltd. (formerly state-owned factory eight hundred thirty-nine O) is more than 40 years of cable production history national key high-tech enterprises, state, "Shou contract, re-credit" enterprise, Jiangsu Province, "advanced private technology enterprises", " Spark leading enterprise "," famous trademarks enterprises, "" brand-name enterprises "; also in Jiangsu Province, the only, the country's largest professional production of both a load bearing cable detection and installation of equipment, but also according to customer requirements, to provide load bearing cable and probe special cable design, selection, development, production, service and other programs of the company.  

The company has a technology center in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province postdoctoral innovative practice base, graduate student workstations enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou enterprise academician workstation. Is the only one involved in the drafting SY / 6600-2004 load bearing detecting cable standard, JB / T3302-2015 standard load bearing cable detection, detection of Dan Youcheng Dutch cable procurement standards in enterprises.  

Company and the Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Tsinghua University, Hefei Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other major domestic research institutes to cooperate, continue to develop new markets need special products. At present, the company has 32 utility model patents, a patent; commitment to national Torch Program 6, Spark Program 5, the provincial Torch Plan 3, Spark Program two; there are two products have been identified as national key new products, 18 products have been identified as high-tech products, the invention won two national SME innovation Fund.  

We always adhere to the production of fast, fine quality assurance and personnel management as a fundamental guarantee of product quality, scientific and technological innovation as the driving force for enterprise development, has been the introduction of talent from more than domestic universities actively involved in product development and competition. And the use of German Krupp, the British company BICC cooperation opportunities, regularly send some personnel to foreign advanced studies, and promote technical exchanges, improve their quality.    

Companies adhering to the "quality to shape services in the heart" concept, adhere to innovation and development, high-end development, green development, focusing breakdown product innovation, improve product quality and brand development, and improve the supply of quality, efficiency and core competitiveness of enterprises, efforts to China's special cables and load bearing detecting cable design and manufacturing leader.

Editor: Aihong Shen, Wenwei Qiao

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