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HUANENG Strive to Open South America Market

Time:2016-06-11 13:24:54 Source:

HUANENG Strive to Open South America Market

Scientific and technological little giant enterprises have the reputation of Jiangsu Huaneng Cable Co., Ltd., has been in the country's offshore oil and gas exploration and probing with the load bearing cable market which accounted for the lead and want to further expand their market, we shall have gained overseas place. Expand overseas markets need strength, but also need to accumulate many years of credibility, Huaneng has used his results proved this ability.    
Among Asia, the Middle East oil countries, Huaneng cable already become accepted by consumers of the brand. Not only in the use of the effect is not inferior to the American company's brand and the launch of new products each year often will bring more surprises, updated features, such Huaneng cable sales in these countries continues to rise, but also in price there is a more obvious advantage.     
Spring 2015, Huaneng company's products to enter the South American market, and successfully broke into the OPEC member, Venezuela and Ecuador, marine engineering and oil and gas exploration with a load bearing detection market. Huaneng first company here to see the market demand, but also introduced to adapt to local markets. But also out of step is very important chess, intended to set up direct offices in South America, will be adapted to local R & D, production, sales and service built directly overseas, so not only can better study the market, but can also introduce more sophisticated service, rapidly enhance Huaneng brand image in overseas markets, the high-quality products and excellent service at the same time brought here. And play here advantages in raw materials and labor, to further reduce the cost of production and management, to ensure adequate margins. We can imagine that in the future the company Huaneng Samaranch more amazing vitality.


Qiao Wenwei, Jiang Hongyu, Li Haining

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